Rush the Goal

I played intermural soccer for a few years as a pre-teen. I can’t remember when or why I stopped— probably around when the depression set in and getting out of bed took all of my energy — there wasn’t any left to go running around a soccer field. My dad liked getting involved with that sort of thing and did some coaching for the team (which I only remember due to how often he asked if I was jealous of his ‘coach’ shirt— I was desperate for a Coach wristlet at the time and not amused). Once he told me: always rush the goal. Even if there’s no chance you’ll make it, even if the opposing team is there waiting, a wall of defense. Always rush the goal. Because you never know when someone will get distracted, an easy block will be missed, and you will be the one there ready to take the shot. That’s how I’m living my life now. Always rush the goal. When I realized there was no way my transcripts would arrive on time for my grad school application. When applying for a competitive new job that I’m not quite qualified for. Always rush the goal. I’m not living my life in fear anymore. Barriers don’t need to terrify me —they’re just the opposing team member who may just get the sun in their eyes at the exact right moment I need to score.